Rainbow is committed to improving the lives of the people in the local communities in which it operates and strives to educate, uplift and empower the communities with whom Rainbow partners.

  • Rainbow has a budgeted fund allocated for community developments. Project contributions already made included:
  • Construction of municipal infrastructures in the project area consisting of multi-purpose rooms, offices and equipment
  • Organisation of a football tournament for the three municipalities which cover the project area and the supply of equipment for the teams
  • Supplying the uniforms for the cultural groups in the three municipalities which are located within the project area

Rainbow is also committed to creating a safe working environment for its employees, associates and contractors, ensuring the highest standards of health and safety at the operation. Environmental protection and minimising the impact of exploration and mining on the environment is of paramount importance. To this end, Rainbow will seek to use exploration and mining methods that have as little negative impact as possible.