Rainbow is committed to the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and strives to ensure that the local community shares in the benefits of its Gakara Rare Earth Project in Burundi.  The local community is our partner in this endeavour, and our progress to date would not have been possible without their continued support.  As a result, our present CSR and community outreach initiatives are reflective of the value we place on this partnership.  To date, this has included a variety of activities:

  • Since inception in 2011 Rainbow has made specific financial donations of over $700,000 to local communities and national social programmes
  • As at 30 April 2018 Rainbow directly employed 155 Burundian staff and 108 sub-contractors
  • Rainbow has also sought to provide local people with business opportunities such as catering for the workforce, purchasing local produce wherever possible
  • Rainbow is undertaking road infrastructure improvements to the main access roads which benefits all of the local community and used its mining fleet to clear some local roads after landslides in early 2018
  • Rainbow has spent over US$2.3 million with local Burundian companies in the financial years ending June 2017 and June 2018
  • All Rainbow mining and production employees can be registered for mobile banking and payment of salaries, whilst permanent employment contracts are now offered at all levels of the company which minimises temporary labour
  • Up to 5 young Burundians are offered 3 month internships at any time, allowing them to learn new skills and, potentially, secure a long term role with the Company
  • The state of Burundi has a non-dilutable 10% shareholding in the project and will benefit from any dividends generated, together with normal payroll taxes, corporation taxes and a royalty of 4% on all Sales revenue
  • Rainbow has made donations to several projects in the town closest to its mining area with the construction of a municipal building consisting of multi-purpose rooms, offices and equipment
  • Rainbow has sought to improve local sporting activities and recently organised a football tournament for the three municipalities which cover the project area, and the supplied the equipment for the three teams as well as expanding the local football facilities in Mutambu
  • During the construction of its processing plant at Kabezi, next to the shore of Lake Tanganyika, Rainbow rerouted an existing lane from across the site to ensure unhindered access to the lake shore and fishing vessels
  • Rainbow is committed to ensuring the best practice in regard to the environmental impact of its operations. The Company submitted an approved Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (‘EISA’) as part of the mining licence application, which has been fully updated during 2017 to incorporate the processing plant area at Kabezi. Rainbow is fully permitted for mining and undertakes no blasting or uses hazardous chemicals.  Land ownerships and population records have been approved along with a compensation formula for any families that have been moved or agricultural land appropriated
  • Rainbow supplies fresh water to the community from a tank outside its plant at Kabezi, fed from Rainbow’s own borehole supply
  • Rainbow is committed to adhering to the strictest international health and safety practices.  In line with this, we employ a fully qualified OHS Manager and have incorporated stringent health and safety measures into day to day practice as well as establishing a formal committee comprised of members of the Board.  Over 900,000 hours free from ‘Lost Time Injuries’ had been recorded by the end of May 2018.
  • All employees are equipped with full PPE and rigorous safety assessments are compiled prior to any activity


The Burundi mining industry is in its infancy, and so far, there has been strong support for the Gakara Project at both a local and governmental level.  As the sector is in the early stages of growth, Rainbow can play a defining role in the development of the industry in Burundi and accordingly, is committed to continuing close liaison with workers and the local community to ensure the project is run for the benefit of all stakeholders.